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Dancehall 12: NOW ONLINE

Twelfth edition of our publication about sound and its others, with contributions from Kathryn Elkin, Linda Kemp, Francesca Hawker, Marie Thompson, and Tom White.
Includes pull-out section with contributions from Pascal Nichols and Daniel Baker (available as a separate download—see below).


with poster insert feat. images by pascal nicols and writing by daniel baker


BOOM EDAN cassette cover    Yeah You cassette cover

Boom Edan, Juu Hän Huus Aarmi

Meet Tuukka Asplund's solo incarnation Boom Edan – his polyglottal outlet for roughly-hewn pop.
Juu HÄn Huus Aarmi charts the Finn's move from Glasgow dreich to the tropics of Trinidad.
It's a song cycle of dedications, confessionals and guides to strange new homes, soils, and vegetables.
As he goes, Boom tries on a variety of disguises, pitching his voice to suit the temperature of his chosen genre:
hyperactive chants with tinny keyboard presets, guttural over electronic bass and hushed or absent when it needs to be.
Repeated refrains of comic plunderphonics and spacious violin occasionally puncture the sea sick song motion.

(TAPE, 50 copies, pro-dubbed with Slimer-green cassette shells).

Yeah You, Air Headz

Yeah You is the duo of MYKL JAXN and ELVIN BRANDHI (caps on, please) who make wild improvised pop music.
Constantly playing, documenting and recording in their trusty people carrier, riding around Newcastle
or at rest in a picnic area in the South of France (their Vimeo channel is something to behold).
Air Headz is culled from a session recorded on New Years Day 2015 – rhythms, electronic clatter
and vocals unfolding on the hoof into melodies and riffs that form as quickly as they disappear again
into the ambience of the deserted park where it was recorded.

(TAPE, 50 copies, pro-dubbed with purple cassette shells).


d a n c e h a l l 11 at castlefield Gallery, Manchester, 12- 22 November 2015

photograph of Giuseppe Mistretta work, The I That Makes You and Me

We're pleased to announce the latest edition of DANCEHALl!

Staged as an exhibition at Castlefield Gallery as part of their Launch Pad series, Launch Pad: Dancehall 11 will feature new and recent work by
Amelia Bywater & Rebecca Wilcox, Giuseppe Mistretta, Katherine MacBride, HELLO art magazine with Louise Hobson, Tom White and Psykick Dancehall. Through diverse works which share an attentiveness to acts of listening and experiences of sound,
the exhibition considers links between affective, tactile and aural modes of communication and understanding.

A programme of events will run through the exhibition.


Opening: Thursday 12 November 6 – 8 pm

With a live editorial introduction from Psykick Dancehall, a performance by Giuseppe Mistretta,
and interventions from HELLO art magazine with Louise Hobson.

Katherine MacBride work

Workshop: Saturday 21 November 1 – 4 pm

An afternoon workshop with artist Katherine MacBride on methods of inner, active and attentive listening.
The workshop will use deep listening exercises developed by Pauline Oliveros to explore the role of listening in shaping empathic intimacy and why listening can be difficult. You’ll be listening to sounds, noise, space, things, life forms, each other, language and what is not language.
Drinks and snacks will be provided.

Performances: Saturday 21 November 5 – 8pm

An evening of performances with Katherine MacBride, Stuart Arnot and 'Letters To The Editors':
a response to the exhibition by composer and improviser Otto Willberg and kelly jayne jones.
FREE, no booking required.


D A N C E H A L L in london

our friends at HELLO art magazine are hosting us in london to celebrate D A N C E H A L L 10.

Join us for an evening with live contributions from Tom White and Jenny Moore,
plus the voices of Amelia Bywater & Rebecca Wilcox and the sonic meditations of Pauline Oliveros.

Starts 7pm, performances throughout. BYOB or drink hello's special sparkling punch.

Image for event in London


D A N C E H A L L 10 IS coming

In this issue: work by Gwilly Edmondez & Posset, Amelia Bywater & Rebecca Wilcox,Daniela Cascella, Irene Revell, Jenny Moore & Aonghus McEvoy, featuring among other delights the noises of Belfast; the Ursula Bogner hoax; the sound of Sorrentino's The Great Beauty and memories of Rome; and a to and fro manifesto of sorts by Newcastle's finest players of the glitch/slip & gibber.

come to the launch at the penthouse in manchester on Friday 30 january
or join us in glasgow at the old hairdressers on 22 february (on which MOrE SOON)!
AnD get the zine for the bargain price of £3 (instead of 4)! >>

Dancehall publication launch poster 30 January 2015

FOR more details on the performances & other works, look here.


NEW RELEASE: lost wax - gongzhufen breath

Lost Wax Gongzhufen Breath artwork

We are proud as punch to be releasing the second solo outing from ben morris (Chora),
a dictaphonic travelogue recorded in london, derbyshire, croatia, bilbaO & beijing.
£5 + P&P



human heads: UK dates



we are launching a new series of d a n c e h a l l: call for contributions

DANCEHALL is a DIY journal of exploratory sound & music has been produced since 2010. It was established to explore how we frame, discuss and come to understand our experiences of sound, and came out of a particular interest in underground experimental music. We are interested in opening up that discussion, thinking about our encounters with music in relation to our everyday sonic lives - how it arises from that experience, responds to it and intersects with it - across different contexts.

Previous contributors include Lawrence Abu Hamdan, Ann-Marie Copestake, Limpe Fuchs, Paul Hegarty, Peter Manson, Dylan Nyoukis, Charlotte Prodger, Corin Sworn, Sarah Tripp and Ben Watson.

go to documents for links to past issues.

DANCEHALL - call for contributions



performance in london on saturday 25 january 2014 as part of the exhibition Notes on an autobiography:

Notes on an Autobiography exhibiton poster

we will be presenting a new version of The film/performance produced At colour out of space, Brighton, November 2013.
see the video on vimeo > > >


this fix

In 2012 Psykick Dancehall spent October at Lothringer_13 Laden, Munich, at the invitation of Transmission Gallery, Glasgow.
Also on the residency were artists Sarah Forrest and Giuseppe Mistretta. The residency was part of an exchange
between the two galleries. This video documents a series of discussions which took place in Munich. It was shown
as part of the unsmoothmaking exhibition at Transmission, 15-22 June 2013, and at Lothringer_13 Laden on 29 June 2013.

Accompanying the video is the 8th edition of the D A N C E H A L L zine, available here.

With thanks to Lothringer_13 Laden, Munich, Transmission Gallery, Glasgow, Jack Allett and participants: Sarah Forrest,
Stephan Janitzky, Giuseppe Mistretta, Kari Robertson, Claire Shallcross, Sebastian Stein, Mitra Wakil 


HUman Heads: debut shows!

The first gigs by pdh in-house band human heads (Ex-helhesten) this week in London (02/07/13) and Brighton (04/07/13)!

Power Lunches Kingsland Road 8pm, Adam Bohman with Tom Scott, Chastity Potatoe, Human Heads, Lost Wax. £5. Brighton 04/07/13, Chastity Potatoe, Human Heads, Coach House, Kemp Town, donations

note change of venue for brighton! We'll now be at the coach house - not the cowley clubas previously advertised.
Early show - 19.00-22.00, occult hand on at 19.30 sharp!

UNSMOOTHMAKING | GLasgow: launch 15 June | munich: Launch 22 JUNE 2013

Psykick Dancehall, Giuseppe Mistretta and Sarah Forrest will be Launching a
collaborative publication and presenting new works from our month long
residency at the artist-run space Lothringer13_Laden, Munich .

Poster for unsmoothmaking publication launch, performances and exhibition

But I am getting ahead of myself. You are sitting or standing in a room around a table, or not.
The room is empty or cluttered or it is not particularly empty and nor is it particularly
cluttered. It is in the place where you live. It is somewhere you have travelled to at the invitation
of a professional acquaintance or a friend or out of a sense of personal curiosity. It is where
you will speak or sing, or climb or lie down upon the floor or perform other actions unanticipated.

The exhibition will open at transmission, glasgow, with the launch of the
publication, which operates as a guidebook or manual for spoken word
performances, some of which will be presented throughout the opening event

we will also be presenting the long-awaited eighth edition of d A N C E H A L L at the exhibition,
but if you can't make it down in person you can read it here, or contact us to buy a copy.

Front cover, DANCEHALL 8

Launch/ Performances/ Opening -  15th June , 3-5pm
Exhibition Open-  18th June- 22nd June
Tuesday – Saturday, 11am – 5pm

The publication will be launched at Lothringer13_Laden on the 22nd June


Lothringer13_Laden | munich | 04 OCTober - 03 november

On Saturday, we arrive in Munich to spend a month at Lothringer13_Laden!
Giuseppe Mistretta & Sarah Forrest will also be there, as part of an exchange between
Lothringer13_Laden and Transmission Gallery, Glasgow. More to come > > >

Lothringer13_Laden, Munich: October residency



A conversation about music between Psykick DancehalL and Jon Marshall (Singing Knives), with
contributions by Ben Watson, Paul Hegarty, Adam Harper, Marie Thompson, David Bell and Neil Davidson.

Thinking Ourselves into Existence exhibition poster

From 16 - 29 February Psykick Dancehall will use the Vanguard space at the CCA to
document their ongoing discussions with musician and founder of Sheffield-based record labeL
Singing Knives, Jon Marshall. What are the politics of experimental music and how can they be explored
through interdisciplinary means?  What new forms of collaboration might this provoke?  

The space brings together recordings of conversations, drawings which chart the questions asked
and the paths taken by our attempt at answering them; and observations and polemics by invited
contributors. These take the form of a series of pamphlets, by Ben Watson, Paul Hegarty, Adam Harper,
Marie Thompson,David Bell and Neil Davidson, available to read in the space (and available to buy from
Aye Aye Books). There is also a pamphlet produced by us, reflecting on the conversations and debates,
which WILL BE AVAILABLE TO download here.

The rest of the gallery is given over to a resource space where audio, video and texts that have
informed our conversations and the writings of the contributors are available to browse. It is our
hope that the conversation can be continued.


D A N C E H A L L #6:

limpe fuchs
anne marie copestake
patrick farmer

launched at the cca, glasgow
17 December 2011
with a performance by pascal nichols
as part of the what we do with words season

read it here



the anniversary issue, Produced during a Creative Lab residency at the CCA, glasgow.

the journal takes the form of a map,
charting responses to sound recordings and performances, in an ongoing exploration into how experiences of sound are represented and what is at stake in these representations.

WE INVITED PEOPLE TO RESPOND TO specific questions to frame responses. our aim is to provoke an approach which draws on the associations people make, to discern how different kinds of experience coincide. Once mapped, these will emerge as a cartography of the many ways in which these explorations of sound are entangled in other worlds, through a montage of various and incompatible things and places.

a staging post in an ongoing project, this journal includes responses from daniel spicer, duncan harrison and martin vincent.
TO COntribute your responses, email us.

read it here


D A N C E H A L L at the creative lab, cca Glasgow

Psykick Dancehall at the Creative Lab, poster

D A N C E H A L L is in residence at the Creative Lab, CCA Glasgow, during october,
producing a new issue to mark our first birthday.

We'll be documenting our time in the lab with free micro-zines, available from the CCA
(WE WILL also MAKE THEM AVAILABLE ONLINE at the end of the residency),
and along the way are free events, starting with this:

13 October, 6 - 8pm



Celebrating the re-opening of Aye Aye Books!


scan chant

Performances for voice, body and photocopier
Wednesday 13th July

Bob Cobbing, 'with our tongue our drills and quadras' (detail)

With a nod and wink to the vocal text scores of the late, great Bob Cobbing,
issue four of D A N C E H A L L features instructions for performances by:

Dylan Nyoukis
Fritz Welch
Ben Knight
Giuseppe Mistretta
lawrence upton

with an essay on the photocopier by Lawrence Upton.

To celebrate the launch of D A N C E H A L L 4 these instructions will be toyed with
to create scores on the Embassy photocopier.
The scores will be sat on and slobbered over for live interpretainment by:

Euan Currie
Julia Scott
Ali Robertson
Laurie Pitt
Ben Knight

read it here.

Part of Annuale 2011

lawrence upton and guy begbie at the scottish poetry library

ahead of the launch of d a n c e h a l l  4 at embassy, edinburgh, on 13th july,
which will feature a performance of lawrence upton's chant duet,
you can find collaborative bookworks by upton and guy begbie at the exhibition poetry beyond text,
at the scottish poetry library until 15th July.

for more details, read upton's essay here.


here be d a n c e h a l l 3

Dancehall, journal 3


feast your eyes on our last two posters...

Muscletusk gig poster   Vampire Blues gig poster

THANKS TO all who played and all who came, and to open school for being such great hosts again.


D a n c e h a l l 2 now available

Dance Hall journal 2


thanks to all who came to primate arena

Primate Arena poster

AND special thanks to alex, eran and all who played!


last remaining copies of the white death tape now available!

The White Death, Myth & Maneater, cassette

   The white death
 myth & maneater

marking the first in a series of
releases with our friends at rayon

fitful split-tone squalls from
the virulent duo of hannah ellul
(helhesten) & kelly jayne-jones
(part wild horses mane)

limited edition of 50 cassettes
last remaining copies now available!